Brain Sharpness – Brain – Memory Supplement



A sharp mind is a wish, wether you are a college student or a middle age worker.
With BrainSharness you can enhance your brain power, enhancing your memory, concentration and focus.
Take advantage of this effective brain supplement.
Sharp Your mind, make it a gift!


Beats Mental Fatigue

Increase your energy and stop feeling sluggish.

Improves Memory

Boost your memory and your recalling power.

Increases Mental Agility

Think faster, enhance your cognitive skills.

Natural Mental Focus

Easier and longer concentration that raises your performance.

Innovative combination!



Think fast! Don’t be slow!

Today's world needs you with an active mind!

BRAIN SHARPNESS is a natural booster composed of the elements necessary to keep you agile, awake, alive!

It protects your central nervous system and guarantees you the best use of your daily activities.




FOLIC ACID: also called vitamin B9 that helps the body to create new cells.

FOSFATIDIL SERINE: Called the great ally of the brain as it allows the entry and exit of nutrients in brain cells, cooperates in the excretion of waste products generated inside the cells membrane.

B12 VITAMIN: It helps maintain healthy neurons and blood cells. It has high amounts of cobalt that participates in the production of red blood cells and maintains the myelin layer of nerve cells in the brain.

L-GLUTAMINE: It’s an amino acid that helps to reduce the symptoms of irritability, anxiety and insomnia.

TAURINE: After glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in muscle tissue, acts as a neurotransmitter and improves brain functioning, promoting the sense of well-being!

ALCAR (ACETYL-L CARNITINE): Strengthens memory, combats senile dementia, eliminates fatigue and stabilizes the nervous system.

DMAE (DIMETHYL ETHANOL BITRARTRATE): It helps memory, concentration and increases lucidity, it brings you out of mental fatigue which results in increased energy and skills!

NALT (N-ACETYL-L-TYROSINE): This amino acid increases mental agility and sense of well-being.  In turn, it has an antioxidant effect protecting the cell membrane from oxygen free radicals.

GINKGO BILOBA: It’s a natural neural protector that eliminates the sensation of dizziness and occasional dizziness related to decreased blood supply to the brain.

BACOPA MONNIERI: Indian native plant that promotes comfort, reduces stress, increases cognitive performance and attention span by protecting brain cells.


BRAIN SHARPNESS is your ally and guarantees the mental agility you need during the day to do all your activities, suitable for men and women, students, workers and older adults who need to keep concentration and mental ability at optimal levels and in a natural way!


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